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i hate john right now. he's being a complete asshole to me because he knows exactly what gets to me. he made me cry. and he made me want to asphyxiate myself through means of leash and magnolia tree. i feel better though right now. i'm at kevvie's house and he's asleep in his room. he looks sooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol levi's laying on the couch staring at my ass and making me nervous. wait. now he's leaning over the chair behind me. shanda's grandma hates me and stuff or she'd be over here too. levi claims he wasn't staring at my ass but we all know the truth. he can't resist. anyways... he's all covering my eyes and stuff so i'm gonna go now. so don't worry about me. if i kill myself it will be all john's fault and i hope that when i die he takes that to his fucking grave with him. lates. and umm... penis.
Tags: boyfriends past and present, emo, friends, happy, inconsiderate fucktards

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