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wow. school starts in like 10 days or some bullshit such as that. i…

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wow. school starts in like 10 days or some bullshit such as that. i wasted my summer but i'll be damned if i haven't tried my hardest to make up for it this past week. i've messed with dolsen;s head (sorry bout that man), made levi's xchick cry, listened to the best in prank calls by kyle, listened to so much icp, blink, nin, tool, godsmack, and linkin park *gag*, and just generally had a good time. No cops involved this time. i loves it at kevvie's house. it's a safe haven from my intrapersonal troubles. i've fucked up beyond all repair what john and i had it's beginning to seem. i'm thinking of just leaving it as it is so as not to hurt him more. i haven't been seeing cabbott cuz he's been studying for finals. i've missed him but because of this, i've gotten closer to my other friends so i'm going to have to find a way to balance hanging out with all of them now. i have to finish my summer art projects like yesterday. i'm almost looking forward to school now because then i won't have to fight my mom to go see my friends. damn alma. i so fucking hate living here. nobody ever comes to see me or even call me and i always feel unloved and stuff. it's cool though cuz when i'm in douglas i know everyone loves me more than they love shanda lol. j/k
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