alicia (fuzzdecay) wrote,

Another day at work

List of projects to complete

List of projects to complete

Having a major client being a condom company leads to some interesting set-ups on my desk at my dayjob. Sometimes a client will be touring the office and I’ll have stacks of condoms and lube on my desk, or sometimes just odd lists of to-dos. Also, this is the only company I’ve worked for with a drawer full of sexual aids which we keep as examples of past work.

However, talking about necessary aspects of the projects for this client are somewhat difficult, as they verge on sexual harrassment.

me: Hey, did you know that the lamb skin condoms are held on with a drawstring? I found that out when researching the bugs on the box art.

coworker 1: A drawstring? How does that work? Is it like a …restrictor ring?

coworker 2: Oh, you mean a COCK ring?

coworker 1 (as I walk away): Thanks, asshole. I was trying not to yell “cock”.

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