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<3 veer

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Ale Paul Sudtipos's Adios Script

Ale Paul Sudtipos's Adios Script

I love veer.

I love their fresh stock photography. It’s so much more rewarding to buy images from veer than say, getty. They’re not as expansive, but what they lack in volume, they more than make up for in quality. Their images are newer and much more targeted to younger audiences.

I love their designer geek friendly merch. I’m amassing quite the collection of it, in fact. It’s great that they are working toward building a community full of interesting and inspiring things around their services for creatives. The community aspect and merch definitely are what keep me coming back.

The reason I love veer the most, though, happens to be their amazing selection of fonts. I always hated script fonts until I started browsing veer and ran across the work of Sudtipos, which seems to be primarily sold through them. I recently bought Adios Script because veer is running an awesome promotion where you contact a service rep and ask “can I get a deal?” and they actually give you one. In my case, it was a sweet discount.

It’s really an amazing font, like all of his fonts i’ve used thus far. There are tons of glyphs to play around with, and the ligatures are just beautiful. it’s perfect for more lighthearted events that still call for script fonts, like contemporary weddings, which is probably what I’ll mostly be using it for.

This font purchase is officially the first purchase for my fledgling business. I’ll likely be talking about that more later as it gets more set up.

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