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Preparation for visitors

mom and i waiting in the "it's a small world" line at disney

mom and i waiting in the "it's a small world" line at disney

My mom is spending most of this week with me. She used to be an accountant at a chicken processing plant (i know, completely glamorous), but the plant she worked at was closed by the company, and she decided to go back to school instead of going straight into another job. She’s on spring break for three weeks, and is truly living it up. She went to bed at midnight last night instead of her usual 9pm!

She got here yesterday and is leaving Sunday, I believe. I didn’t know exactly when she was coming until she randomly showed up at my work and tried to scare me. I only knew she was either coming up Tuesday night or Wednesday, and that she’d call when she knew for sure.  When I called her Wednesday to see where she was, since she hadn’t called me, she only said “I’m not going to tell you,” and hung up. About 15 mins later, she was here and tickling my neck trying to scare me.

I knew she was coming up this week, so I spent last weekend painting my foyer and part of my bedroom and cleaning the place up. But since I didn’t know when exactly, my place was still a bit of a wreck when she got there. Oops!

I talked her into going to flying biscuit last night. She is the only person I’ve taken there that hasn’t loved their grits. I think they’re not bland enough for her :P So, I ended up having grits for lunch today.

Tonight we’re hitting up Intimacy’s annual bra sale. I’m excited because I haven’t bought bras since last year’s sale and they’re all on their last legs. My mom has also never owned a bra better than one from Victoria’s Secret (who is also having a good sale right now, if you’re interested) and has never been professionally fitted, so I’m excited to take her.

I’m still having to go to work, because I need to save my remaining vacation days for a wedding this fall. I left my mom this morning sleeping on the couch. I have no idea what she’s going to do all day while I’m gone. She mentioned hanging out by the pool and reading textbooks. Whatever she ends up doing, I hope she’s having a fun, relaxing time.

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