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Pharmaceutical clients

In addition to the condom client at the day job, we work with lots of pharmaceutical companies. We roll out packaging and informational/promotional matierals for everything from prescription supplements to surgical scrub.

One of our clients is a diabetes testing supply distributor. They are quite possibly the most wasteful client I’ve ever come into contact with. They have redesigned their entire product line 3-4 times since I started working here, not quite 2 years ago. The constant redirection is compounded with the fact that they will only use southeast asian printing companies because of cost issues, and insist upon being intermediary between us and the press.

This results in us having to send mechanicals to the asian presses 4-5 times to get something that looks like the product we get from the american press we use for small runs. The language barrier keeps the client from telling the printer that their press isn’t calibrated correctly, so we have to keep 2 mechanicals: one with the correct colors for the american presses, and one with colors that are completely wrong for the asian ones. And yes, the files are set up in pantone (7 color in some cases) and still come back wrong.  As you can imagine, this is seriously confusing and results in designers not familiar with the process sending the wrong mechanicals to the various presses all the time.

Also, everything for this client is “super rush, we needed it yesterday”. And then, after we bust our asses getting whatever it is they need done, they wait 3-6 weeks to give us feedback. Recently, we had to roll out an intstruction manual and quick start guide for a new glucose monitor they’re going to put into production. It needed to be done in 2 days, so it was given to me immediately. I do a lot of work for this particular client because I’m the fastest designer in the office and I get most of the rush projects.

I rolled out the quickstart guide in about an hour, and was about to start on the instuction manual, when the client called and put the project on hold because they hadn’t cleared the name they were using with the manufacturer. The manufacturer hated the name and won’t distribute until the client comes up with something more suitable. This sort of thing happens all the time with them.

Another client of ours is a distributor of naturopathic medicine. They offer a wide range of products, but a lot of them seemingly have to do with digestion. One of their larger products is a colon cleansing kit. They actually gave my company two baskets full of their colon cleansing paraphenalia for Christmas.

I have a coworker who hordes everything that’s given away at work. We were recently cleaning out our sample drawer for this client, and my coworker grabbed one of the colon cleansing kits and announced that she was going to try it. For the rest of the day, everyone walked by her desk trying to talk her out of it. It was mostly variations of “what’s going to happen when you’re stuck in traffic and shit all over yourself?”

I was concerned about her taking the colon cleansing kit, because the previous week she’d come to work and announced that she’d sent her toddler to daycare with the stomach flu. We all told her that she was terrible to send a contagious child to daycare, and she suggested that she could take a colon cleansing kit home and give it to her kid. Perplexed, another coworker asked why because it’d just make the diarrhea worse. She said that her kid would “get it out all at once then”.

Luckily, we talked her out of taking home the colon cleansing kit. She ended up just taking home 3 bottles of fiber supplement.

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