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Writer's Block: Lights Out

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All it takes is a blackout to realize how much we rely on electricity. What's your most memorable story from a power outage?

I don't usually do these, but i have more than a one line answer to this one.

My birthday party when I was turning... 9, i believe, included a sleep over. The plan was that a few of my friends would come home with me from school on friday, and the rest of the guests would show up saturday afternoon for the actual party.

That weekend was when "the storm of the century" hit south georgia. It was a pretty incredible storm --- lots of hail, tornadoes and awesomeness, i'm sure --- that my friends and i slept through completely. We woke up the next morning to my mother bursting into the bedroom and telling us to look out the window. it was snowing (flurries that didn't stick) in the middle of march, which is unheard of in south georgia. Mid-march is full fledged spring down there.

Upon coming back inside from playing in the "snow", my mom told me that no one was coming to my party other than the girls who were already there because of the storm. And that our house didn't have power because a tree fell on the power lines. This was the beginning of my tradition of shitty birthdays, i believe.

Due to the extent of the storm damage, we were without power for close to a week. Everything in the house was electric. We had no central heat or air, no lights, no fridge, no stove or oven, nothing. The only thing we did have was a tiny natural gas burning space heater. We cooked all of our meals (mostly soup and other canned goods) and my grandfather made coffee on the space heater until the power company could finally get out and fix the power lines/cut up the tree.

I very vividly remember walking into the dining room and seeing my grandmother put a can of soup through the grating of the space heater and giving her a serious "wtf?" look. But now that i own my own place, i wonder what i'd do if i was without power for that long. there's not a single non-electric thing in here.
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