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i need to tell somebody something. i already have but i don't think…

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i need to tell somebody something. i already have but i don't think he thinks i'm serious. maybe it's because he really doesn't love me and is avoiding the subject. i wish he'd remember my question and answer it. (i know you know who you are now and i know you're reading this) i stayed the night at kevvie's last night. it was interesting. his dad was so hitting on melanie. we watched fight club (brad pitt... mm... *masturbate*). i shopped away my sorrows. i bought a very sophisticated ensemble as well as a new bikini, a nin cd, and some bath and bodyworks candles. maybe selling your soul isn't such a bad thing. it's nice not to have to mooch off everyone. i'm sorry to all you people who've noticed that my entries are getting rather shallow. i've been in a position lately where i haven't wanted to bare my soul to the faceless masses. i'm sure some of you understand. also, i've been rather content in a strange way. i really dunno why. i don't have much of a reason to be. i'm less stressed than i was and i actually like myself more. i'm in kind of a comfy position in my life right now. this drastically cuts down on my bitching and therefore this journal. i'm off to make durden some more salad. lates.
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