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Wendy’s frosty fail.

I would like to preface this with my distaste for introducing non-chocolate flavors of Frosty. Frosties are supposed to be chocolate, and that is all. Not vanilla, not a part of a shake, not some odd blizzard-esque concoction, but chocolate. Which for some reason arouses a great thirst whenever I have one, like they’re full of salt.

Wendy’s is running quite possibly the most annoying campaign for their new “Coffee Toffee Twisted Frosty”. One, the name is stupid, and two, this is the kind of crap they’re spamming the air waves with:

That commerical was on incessantly before I stopped watching tv around the time MJ died. I couldn’t take 24 hour news coverage of Michael Jackson interspersed with this crap. What on earth is Wendy’s target market? I honestly can’t figure it out from their commericals. It almost seems like they’re targeting specific foods to specific audiences. And Frosties are apparently targeting the hipster douchebag demographic.

Bonus: As I was searching for the first obnoxious commerical, I ran across this one:

There seems to be some sick trend of making up jingles and trying to pass them off as being legitimate. Like the stupid $5 Footlongs commercials where everyone starts singing the $5 footlong song like it’s been around as long as the Big Mac song and everyone knows the words to it. Or the Hillshire farms “Go meat!” cheer, which, I’m forced to admit makes me giggle.

My jingle hate is exacerbated by the ever-so-timely use of a boyband. This commerical would have been current 9 years ago. It’s a shame Wendy’s spent thousands of dollars to get this crap made. As much as I hate the first commerical, it at least follows current advertising trends. And yes, I do realize that the commerical is a parody, but it falls flat on its face even taking that into account.

Between this and McDonald’s complete rebrand to targeting the young urban crowd, the only fast food place I can get behind advertising-wise right now is Burger King. At least Burger King is successfully targeting the young adult demographic and not just making flailing attempts. I also appreciate the utterly bizarre nature of Burger King’s advertisements, and concurrently find them insanely creepy. It works for them for whatever reason. I’m curious to see how the other companies will find their niche.

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