alicia (fuzzdecay) wrote,

Helvetica was an unimaginative choice.

This shoudl be require upon art school graduation.

This should be required upon art school graduation.

I’m always concerned when I get thrust into an art directing position. Not because I’m concerned with my ability to perform the job, but because i’m so snarky and have such high standards. I’ve been working on a way to work the Design Police Visual Enforcement Kit into my everyday life, in a way which won’t make anyone cry.

I’ve been vindicated at my day job. The guy who was hired on that didn’t know anything was fired. However, not before before he created a cover for one of the two catalogs I’m working on in completely the wrong program. I found out at 4:40 that the cover had to be completely rebuilt by end of business. I managed to get it done, because I am a design ninja, but it screwed up my Friday. I had another catalog due then and I was rushing all day to pull it off, making up the time I lost having to rebuild that cover. Who builds a catalog cover in Illustrator, without bleed if the entirety of the catalog is built in InDesign? Meeting that guy convinced me even more that SCAD is not the place to go for a quality education in design. They awarded him a graduate degree and the only only program he knew how to work efficiently was Illustrator.

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