alicia (fuzzdecay) wrote,

does fuzzdecay give you diarrhea?

Two people have legitimately found my page by searching “do wendy’s frosty’s give you diarrhea?” I find this perplexing, unfortunate, and hilarious all at once. I shared this information on my twitter which auto-updates my facebook status. This was probably a bad idea. I now have these additional fecal themed searches:

  • do wendy’s frosty’s give you diarrhea? (#3)
  • do wendy’s frosty’s give your diarrhea (#4)
  • does the scifi channel rebrand give you diarrhea? (#5)
  • does a smart car accessory outlet give you diarrhea? (#25)
  • fuzzdecay diarrhea (#53)

Thanks guys! Nice to know my friends are all 12 years old. :P I’m just expecting google to drop my search rank now. Not that I didn’t giggle heartily.

Just so this post isn’t all disgusting, I’ve noticed some heartening trends amongst my visitors.

most common browser is firefox (62%), followed by internet explorer (26%) then safari (17%). I am counting this as a nail in the coffin of IE, thank god.

Most common OS is windows (46%), followed by Linux (40%), then Mac (14%).

Two people came to my site that have their computers running 8 bit color depth? 24 bit (52%) barely nudges out 32 bit (43%).

Most people are using a resolution of 1280xsomething (53%). Happy to report that no one is using below 1024×768, which is itself only 17% of the demographic. There are two hits from someone with 320×240. I think that might be an iPhone? I also only have two hits from one, so I’m just guessing.

Although I’m sure my sampling of visitors isn’t completely indicative of overall trends, it’s still nice to see IE having its ass handed to it.

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