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Finishing my smart-iPod integration.

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ipod + moutning bracket

ipod + moutning bracket

It occured to me this weekend that I never finished my ipod into smart car integration story. A few days after I hacked a new dc outlet into my glovebox, my chosen mounting bracket showed up.

I decided to go with the proclip solution. It’s a two-part solution that includes a vehicle specific mount, coupled with a device specific holder. It happens to have a mount for the smart, which is extra awesome seeing as not many companies have much smart love. For the longest time, it had a mount for the 450 but not the 451, but now it has both.

I like it because it’s not destructive to the interior. It’s held on with double-sided tape and tabs that fit in the natural gaps of the dash. However, it was obviously not made to be in a black car with black leather interior in the summer heat of Georgia. The double-sided tape tends to get a bit wobbily on the hottest of August afternoons.

I was pleased to learn that all of the branding on the mount came on stickers that were very easily peeled off. It goes a long way to making this feel like a properly integrated solution. My biggest complaint is that there’s no way to mount it that doesn’t at least partially obscure the source button on the factory radio. I never turn my radio off aux input, though, so it’s not a huge deal.

Overall, I’m very pleased with my solution. This is massively better than holding my ipod in my lap and digging it out of my floorboard whenever I have to slam on brakes.

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