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New macbook woes.

The packaging, like always, is beautiful. The tab is to lift out the macbook.

The packaging, like always, is beautiful. The tab is to lift out the macbook.

I have been silent lately. Not for a lack of things to say, but because it took a full 40 hours for the data to transfer between my old macbook and my new one. It is painful for me to be without a computer for that long, especially while in the middle of freelance work. Luckily, my clients seemed to be pretty understanding. But that just means I have to work twice as hard now to pick up the slack.

New macbook is nice but it isn’t. It’s much faster, has much more storage capacity, the optical drive is on the side where it should be, and the screen will get a lot brighter and dimmer than my old one. However, I hate the keyboard. It’s loud, it’s ugly, it’s not as ergonomic, and the volume up/down keys aren’t in the proper spot. I keep opening dashboard or exposéing instead of muting or turning the volume down. I wish there were some way to put the keyboard from my old macbook into my new one.

An additional complaint is that it’s fucking retarded to send out a computer that has a firewire800 port without including a 400-800 adapter when the primary means of transferring data between computers during setup is firewire. I had to transfer over the network, which is why it took ages.

Aside from the time lost, it was a pretty painless process. I opened up the new macbook and it felt like being on the old one. All my icons were in the right place, my firefox tabs were saved, and even the files in my trash bin were moved over. My only lingering issue is that some of my fonts apparently didn’t transfer over properly, but I haven’t had time to properly look into why that happened.

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