alicia (fuzzdecay) wrote,

Thrift store finds

japanese tea cups

After having not gone into a thrift store in a few years, I finally made the trek during my lunch break to scout some dinnerware pieces. I promptly ran into my dumpster-diving coworker who has a profound love of retro-modern furniture and his friend, who is my coworker who loudly listens to death metal in the office. They apparently spend part of their lunch break combing the aisles of Goodwill every day.

I didn’t find what I was looking for, but I did find these absolutely adorable Japanese tea ceremony cups. I picked them up to use as tealight holders. As it turns out, they’re almost too small to actually hold tealights, but they’re close enough. They’re also a very attractive shade of black-brown which perfectly matches my Ikea-procured furniture. As anyone who has visited my loft has witnessed, I have a pretty strict white, black-brown, gray, and burnt orange color scheme.

However, I have yet to find a place to put them. So they are sitting on my kitchen counter filled with their icecream scented Ikea candles waiting for a home. Yes, I may shop at Ikea a bit too much. But honestly, who wouldn’t if they have the minimalistic design sensibilities and woefully tiny cashflow that I have? It’s not like I can drop $3k on a le Corbusier lounge…. yet.

I’m very afraid of the longing for amazing thrift store finds that this trip has aroused in me. It’s hard to not cheerfully remember all the amazing mid-century furniture finds I’ve made in the past. At least smart car’s size limitations will tame the urge somewhat.

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