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birthday jesus-one of the most hilarious stock images i've ever found

birthday jesus-one of the most hilarious stock images i've ever found

I started working on xmas themed ads in August. Ugh.

We have a client that has a large “worship” market, that they believe is only christian although that is not the case. They always want to really jesus-up the mailers and ads they do, eventhough a pretty large chunk of their mailing list are synagogues. So instead of fighting it this year, I just decided to search “christmas jesus”.

The search yielded this beauty, which I am compelled to work into a mailer now. It’s too tongue-in-cheek to just let it slide. If i’m going to be forced into pandering to the evangelicals, I might as well have fun with it.

I’ve also found out recently that:

my pervert coworker wears girls’ jeans. Not that this surprises me in the least because he’s in his 40s and dresses like he aspires to grace the pages of latfh.

and my pregnant coworker got bit in the ass for looking at daycare centers when she was in her first trimester instead of pediatricians, like a sane person would do. She was on the phone with her preferred pediatrician for most of an afternoon trying to bully herself into a spot. An argument which she eventually lost.

I am now guiding my office into the wonderful world that is social media advertising. I pointed them toward the (canadian) Nissan Hypercube fiasco as a cautionary tale. I actually would like to delve into this marketing disaster in-depth, but it’s been done many, many times over now. Suffice it to say, I’m glad that my company is utilizing me as a user of said social media to guide our efforts, instead of some marketing douchebag that really doesn’t know anything abut the medium.

I’m hoping that my company will realize that I’m more than an inDesign and Flash jockey. Not that I want to get into marketing in the slightest, but I feel as though I’m being woefully underutilized.

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