alicia (fuzzdecay) wrote,

tattoo aftermath

This was my second tattoo. I got it the summer of ’02, between graduating highschool and moving off to college. I got my first one earlier that year, right before I graduated.

The heart is on the small of my back and didn’t heal very well because it was itchy as hell and I started scratching it in my sleep. So not only was it done in red, which fades badly anyway, the color was flaked off in places.

I hit a friend up from highschool for some ink this weekend and had him touch up my back. This resulted in the following carnage:

tattoo carnage

I never had this problem in highschool because I was sleeping on black satin sheets. Here’s hoping I can bleach out tattoo ink?

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Tags: dye, highschool, modification, people i don't hate, tattoos, visits

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