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CS108 no more

i'm in my last retarded computer concepts class. We're about to do a powerpoint presentation for our lab final. I can't believe i'm paying $80k to learn how to work power point. We're doing a beach resort. We accept payment in goat. Wanna stay?

The apartment issue is getting serious. I have to move out next saturday and i don't have a place to stay yet. It's hard finding a good apartment in atl for under $700. I don't sleep anymore. I'm stressed out. I can't take another week of school. but this is the last week.

two more days after that. i'm trying to get all my work done so i won't have to come on those days. i won't be going home for xmas. i don't have time to. i still wanna do xmas at the beach, but i don't think i have time for that either. i need to go home and pack. i need to go home and finish my last english assignment. i need to go home and clean because we're having a room check and there's a possibility of being fined if the apartment is dirty.

like i can keep an apartment clean when i'm packing to move out. i'm glad i'm about to be out of the apartment/dorm situation. if aia wants to have dorms, they should spend some fucking money and build a dorm complex, not rent out a few rooms in two apartment complexes and sublease them and expect students to treat them as anything but regular apartments.

the housing department is so full of steamy shit. it makes me pissy. i shouldn't have waited until the last minute to look for apartments. it makes me mad at shawn because he sleeps all day and i don't want to look for apartments without him. i can't blame him though, we keep different schedules. i'm getting over being upset with him. it's just that i'm scared i'm not gonna have a place to live in a week.

hopefully when i move out of housing i won't be pissed off at the world anymore. i don't like being pissed off at the world like a little highschool girl. i want things to be cool again. i want my head to stop hurting. i want to sleep and not feel bad about it. but i gotta do my final now.
Tags: art school, boyfriends past and present, housing, inconsiderate fucktards, money

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