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Belated Halloween shenanigans

Our dysfunctional prom.

Our dysfunctional prom.

Halloween is a huge holiday for me, but November is notoriously busy because of people needing shit designed for the holidays, so I’m never really timely about posting about it. However, due to a Crape Myrtle tree’s roots growing into our plumbing system and the subsequent fix that is going to require a wall being torn out and the water to be cut off all day, I’m working at home and have time to post about it now!

We had our work dress up day the Thursday before Halloween because one of the designers had a wedding to go to and wouldn’t be there Friday. Just for the record, I think that it’s a terrible idea to have a wedding on Halloween weekend if you think Halloween is stupid and don’t want people to dress up. Way to ruin someone’s holiday.

We usually have themed dress up days, and this year’s theme was dysfunctional prom. It was going to be “white trash prom” and then “ghetto prom”, but we eventually opted for the broader theme of generically dysfunctional to ease in costume selection. It still presented some issues for some of my coworkers. I was set because I had this gothic vinyl monstrosity of a senior prom dress that I can still fit into thanks to the fact that it’s a corset. This was the easiest dress up day ever for me.

dressed up at work

My adjacent coworker, who is now going to be referred to as my work boyfriend (which is a long story that I will be broaching on a later date), decided on Tuesday that he wanted to wear a dress. After a couple of ill-fated trips to Goodwill, I talked him into going to my favorite thrift store up in Roswell. While he was trying on a tux in a last-ditch effort to have a costume, I found the perfect lilac dress for him and it actually fit!

We decided that since it was a prom theme, that we’d take prom pictures with a cheesy background. We actually posted all of these on a site and sent them to vendors. I’m only going to repost the couple’s pictures, because they’re the best ones. We happened to have this marble column laying around the office. The fruit and flower arrangement was a gift to the office manager from her MIL, that was rejected and given away during our annual white elephant Christmas gift exchange and has somehow made it onto my work boyfriend’s desk.

andi and jamesgene and lindsaygene and jamieseema and daniellewesley and james

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