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There was a commerical that ran on tv here a few months back for some crappy Korean or American car (I really can’t remember which), that featured a car super hero with this ridiculous cape. Ever since seeing that, I wanted to put a cape on the smart. With Halloween rapidly approaching, I saw my opportunity.

I decided that I would dress my car up as Batman. Mind you, not the Batmobile, as that’s pretty expected and has already been done.





I borrowed the vinyl printer at work for the emblem and hood decals, and had the help of two of the guys at work in putting them on. One of them does not want to be named because the vinyl application was not up to his rigorous standards. The ears are made from scrap gator board that I spraypainted gloss black and are held on with silver ribbon and gaffer’s tape. The cape is a plastic party tablecloth I picked up at Walmart. The cape is shown at highway length, it can be let out as far as you want for more dramatic cape action. All told, I spent $3.

I’m still holding onto the hope that at least one of the people I’ve contacted about taking pictures of the cape in motion will get back to me. I’ve been driving around with the vinyl still on my car just in case. I see this as the automotive equivalent of having your eyeliner smeared all over your face on November 1st.

I can’t begin to explain to you the amount of love BatSmart has received. Two notable occasions are:

This guy walking down the street with his girl trying to be all badass. When he saw my car he stopped in his tracks, pointed at me and yelled “BATMAN!!!!” like he was 7 years old. His girl rolled her eyes and started walking off. I’m pretty sure I cockblocked someone with my car.


batsmart love

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