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Pretend this was posted 5 days ago.

darwin headerI was planning on posting about the 150th anniversary of The Origin of Species back on its actual anniversary on the 24th, but life got in the way.

Thank you, Darwin, for expanding our worldview in such a radical way that 150 years later, people are still fighting your discovery.

My Grandmother told me when I was 10 or so that if my science teachers started telling me that I came from monkeys to just smile and nod and remember that it was all lies because that’s not what it said in the bible. But to be sure and remember what they told me like she did, but only to pass the test.

However, growing up in rural southern Georgia, I wasn’t exposed to evolution until middle school. My first exposure was seeing an entire chapter of my science book blacked out with marker. Upon inquiring as to why, my teacher said “I didn’t come from no monkey, and I’m not teaching you any different than what it says in the bible.”

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