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Xmas festivities

Christmas was a cold and wet one in Canada. I was really hoping for Christmas snow, and did not receive. However if I’d have stayed in Georgia, I would have also had a cold, wet Christmas. At least I didn’t miss anything?

I was expecting it to be colder than it ended up being, so I resurrected the kitty hat. I stopped wearing it when I was 20 and started letting my hair grow out because it looked stupid with long hair. Since my hair is about 3 inches long at the longest now, it doesn’t look nearly as stupid. You know, aside from the fact that I’m 25 years old and running around in a hat with kitty ears on it.

On top of the regular Christmas stuff, I actually got to see Toronto on this trip. It was a bit brief because it wasn’t planned at all. I had planned to meet up with a friend of mine that’s been begging me to meet him for ages, but he backed out at the last minute. Lemons -> lemonade.

We did finally get some snow the day after Boxing Day, which started in the evening. It wasn’t much, but I get retardedly giddy whenever I see snow. In Atlanta, the city closes down if we’re only expecting flurries (which is all we generally get).

The day after the snow fell is when we left to head back to Atlanta, because I had to work Wednesday and New Year’s Eve.

I really love the fire hydrants in Canada. They're super adorable.We stopped by Tim Hortons, of course. I really like their hot chocolate and pastries. I do not like their doughnuts at all. Their doughnuts are dry and cakey like Dunkin’. I much prefer light and airy like Krispy Kreme. I am told they have good coffee, but am reluctant to try it. I only like coffee from southeast Asia because it’s more earthy and smokey and isn’t as acrid as Latin American coffee. Tim Hortons doesn’t seem to offer coffee from different regions, which generally means that it’s Latin American.

Here’s some snow falling in the Tim Hortons parking lot.

I also noticed how much more pervasive Canadian patriotism is than American. They work the maple leaf into absolutely everything, including fast food logos.

After we got hot chocolate, we ran some errands. And by “ran some errands” I mean I was drug all over the city picking up Canadian-only snack foods. We finally started on our way, and drove through a blizzard on our way to the border.

As soon as we got into Michigan, all of the snow disappeared. The drive was pretty uneventful. We stopped in Newport, KY which is right across the Ohio river from Cincinnati. It’s about halfway on the drive.

I worked a day and a half and then immediately left to do Christmas with my family on New Year’s Eve. We exchanged presents pretty much as soon as we made it down. My littlest cousin received Toy Story Mania, which is pretty much exactly like the ride at Disney.

We also brought down Rockband, which made for infinite amusement at the expense of my family. Everyone wanted to play drums. My aunt had to fight my littlest cousin off the drums, which didn’t exactly work.

My littlest cousin could only play drums. We tried getting him to sing so that other people could play drums, but he sucked so hard it kept failing everyone out. We decided to unhook the mic and just tell him that he was singing.

He continued to sing this through 3-4 songs. Although annoying, it was better than the last time I was visiting my family when he sang “brush your eyeballs, brush your butt. Then you get TURD TOOTHPASTE! TURD TOOTHPASTE!” over and over while playing Mario.

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