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snow on smart car's side mirror

February was rather uneventful, other than the second snow day of the year. We actually got snow the first week of March as well, but now it’s in the 70s. Good old Atlanta, and its effed up weather.

snow being all melty on the sunroof

I went to work on the February snow day. It didn’t start snowing until lunch and we got off early. I also went to work during the March snow day because it didn’t start snowing until after I had already left my house.

In case you were wondering how one in atlanta clears snow from their tiny smart car, I give you:

Getting onto 400

The traffic was atrocious coming home in February because it was “OMGSNOW!1″ This gave me ample time for pictures, and a bit of video. Including my laptop flying out of my passenger seat.

Once I actually got on the interstate, things started really slowing down.

This is pretty much where the traffic stopped dead.

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