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more turtley love

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Riding a plant around the aquarium

Roosevelt has been doing really well. We bought him some plants to munch on a little while ago, and munch he did! Apparently it’s pretty rare for hatchling sliders to want to eat plants, they’re primarily carnivorous at first. He definitely has a taste for the greenery, which is something I certainly don’t have.

turtley chew marks

Speaking of eating, Roosevelt is ferocious when going after his pellets. It’s adorable!

I’m still working on his mario themed home, but it’s nearing completion. All of the pipes are painted and installed, so are the platforms. I just need to finish adhering the static clings and get some new plants. I’ve posted some in-progress pics on twitter, but i’m waiting to get good pictures before I post anything here. It’ll have to be quick, because he’s capable of demolishing plants quick like ninja.

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