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The other reason I haven’t been updating much

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As some as you might know, for the past year or so i’ve been up to my tits in wedding work. As in, i’m getting married and my designerly pride will not allow me to hire vendors. For anything.

I have written copy for, designed, printed and assembled all of the printed collateral (save the dates, full invitation suite with crazy information booklet, programs, and crazy pop up thank you cards.)

This is pretty expected, aside from the fact that I rented a letterpress to print them. I had the plates fabricated and sent to me and then they were printed one at a time on a manual feed vandercook. I’d like to say that I cranked them all through myself, but tim ended up doing much of the grunt work.

Mixing the ink (it draws down to an infinitely lighter blue)

Cranking the press. The vandercook has a rolling mechanism as opposed to a platen press. It can print much wider format.

The color that blue draws down to. it was an impossible mixture. 20 parts transparent and .5 parts black, the ratios are horrible.

I also decided to sculpt a cake topper, and to source some felt and cut, embroider, and assemble all my own flowers. This has been a monumental undertaking. It took months just to pantone match the felt, which pushed the project back way farther than I wanted it to be. Plus, just embroidering a single flower takes about half an hour. I burned through a lot of them during shark week, but now my attention is more scattered and it’s hard to get these last 60 or so done.

My attention is more scattered because I’ve received some free advertising from facebook for my website. I’d like to make use of this free advertising, but need to finish the site to be able to do it. I have until August 30th to finish fleshing out the site and redeem the coupon, which is also when i want to be done with wedding crap. There’s some serious time management issues that are going on right now. I’m so close to finishing the flowers that I want to just knock them out and be able to focus solely on the site, but the site has MUCH farther to go and I feel like I need to work on it more because of that.

As an aside, all of the time spent letterpressing lately has cemented in my mind that starting this stationery company is the right thing to do. I love it. There’s this sensual quality of letterpress that you don’t get with any other type of printing. I feel dirty talking to people about it, because the entire process is so intimate and tactile. Feeling the depth and smoothness of the impression on this thick cotton paper that’s velvety soft is something that gives me chills. The slight shadow on the ink from the impression is gorgeous. Hell, I even love the smell of the ink and type wash. This is what I need to do. If not for the rest of my life, at least right now. I grow weary of pushing pixels around all day and then receiving a finished product in the mail. I miss that satisfaction of being able to follow through the process and bring my designs into being with my own hands.

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On August 15th, 2010 05:03 am (UTC), fuzzdecay replied:
thanks! i'm so ready for all this preparation to be over. It's a labor of love, but a huge one that i'm ready to have off my plate. i think if we end up putting even a quarter of this amount of work into the actual marriage, we'll be golden.
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On August 14th, 2010 09:31 pm (UTC), sokolov commented:
You've always been incredible, but this is impressive even by your standards!
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On August 15th, 2010 05:05 am (UTC), fuzzdecay replied:
thanks! if you'd like to see the (mostly) finished products, they're up at http://lessthan3.org/category/look/stationery/
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On August 15th, 2010 03:57 am (UTC), sunnycrittenden commented:
Are the flowers for your bouquet?
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On August 15th, 2010 05:06 am (UTC), fuzzdecay replied:
yep! my and the girls' bouquets, as well as the table decorations. some are going to be strapped cherry blossom style to branches, and some will be coming out of teapots, and sitting in teacups.
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On August 16th, 2010 11:42 am (UTC), e_nygma commented:
I'm trying to wrap my head around the idea that you have a printing press in your dining room.....
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