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I hate the world right now. I have for three days. It's fucking…

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I hate the world right now. I have for three days. It's fucking amazing how you can know someone for years and be convinced that you know them so well and then to find out that you're all fucking wrong. I'm muchly pissed. It hurts to know that i've been lied to by one of the people i trust infinitely. "why me?" you know? I want to see him but then i don't because if i see him right now, i'm going to bitch him out in the worst fucking way possible and that's not going to solve anything. I need to be mature about this but damn, i really don't want to be. there's a million hurtful things i want to do to him, but it'll just make the situation worse. This is making me wonder if he's lied about other things. has my entire relationship been based on lies? I don't htink so but now that nagging suspicion has grown so i can no longer control it. I need to talk with him now! oh wait. no i don't...
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