alicia (fuzzdecay) wrote,

Oh hey, I’m married now!

A year and a half of my life filled with ridiculous planning finally came to a close on labor day. It’s nice to have my life back and be able to pursue other things. However, wedding-related photography keeps trickling in and bringing me right back into the thick of things, emotionally.

It’s pretty inconvenient when I’m, say, trying to design a webpage for a new client and a link to the finished professional pictures pops up in my inbox. How is one supposed to concentrate on the task at hand?

here are a few pictures from the event since it’s hard to keep them to myself. They are from let me just say, if you have an event where alcohol is served to a large number of people, you NEED a smilebooth. the pictures we got from is are golden and we would have never gotten them any other way.

I’d share the pro pics, but I’m pretty sure I’m not supposed to yet since there’s not a way to easily save pictures from their site.

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