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Gordon: Master of Stinks

After the wedding, we had another major life shift. We bought a puppy!

When I was 10 years old, I adopted a five year old Pekingese from a friend that was moving to the country and couldn’t take him along. His name was Poochy. Regrettably, I couldn’t change it. It was already ingrained by the time I got him. Poochy was the most awesome dog ever. He was impossible to train and generally dumb as a box of hair, but he was the coolest, friendliest dog ever.

When I moved to Atlanta, I couldn’t bring him with me and I missed him terribly. I kept trying to make a way to be able to bring him up here, but it never worked out. When I was 20, my mom had him put to sleep because he was blind and stopped eating. I couldn’t be down there because I was in the middle of finals, and I still haven’t completely gotten over that.

I could go on and on forever about Poochy, but that’s not what this is about.

Ever since Poochy died, I knew I needed to get another dog. Even a dog half as awesome as he was would be okay. So for the few months I weighed my different breed options. I ended up settling on a Boston Terrier. From what I read, they were intelligent, did well in small areas, didn’t require extreme amounts of exercise, and didn’t bark or shed much. After deciding on breed, I scoured the humane societies of Atlanta and Fulton County as well as some Boston Terrier rescues. I did this regularly for a few months before I finally gave up. No one had Bostons for adoption that didn’t have significant medical problems.

So I began looking for breeders. I had never had a puppy and thought it’d be nice to experience that. I eventually settled on Kirkland Kennels in Macon because it was close and the conditions the dogs were kept in seemed really humane. I proceeded to stalk Kirkland Kennels for almost 5 years before the timing was right.

I got a litter notification right before the wedding saying that she had a litter of two boys that would be ready to pick up the weekend after we got back from the honeymoon. It was perfect! I did a great job of selling this as “the wedding puppy” and eventually got Tim to agree.

On Tim’s side, there is a bit of history with Bostons. His paternal grandparents owned Bostons while his father was growing up. When his father and grandfather caught wind of our immediate plan to get a Boston, there was excitement all around. There was an extra bonus of the puppy having been born on my sister-in-law’s birthday.

The people at Kirkland’s were so nice and accommodating to my odd requests. The first of which was asking for pictures so we could pick out the one we wanted.

gordon as a baby

This was the first I ever saw of his cute little face. He's circled in a heart because I'm crazy lame and that's how I marked him for the breeder.

I also got a few status updates as he was growing up. It was pretty great to not only get adorable puppy pictures in my inbox periodically, but to know that one of the puppies was going to be mine!

After his eyes had opened

His brother giving the camera stink eye, and the beginnings of his freckles

After we got back from our honeymoon, we had about 5 days to get everything in order before picking up the puppy. Luckily, I had been buying food and toys and such for the non existent puppy for weeks at that point, so we had everything but a crate. My best friend let me borrow her crate to pick him up in.

All tuckered out from the ride home

Upon getting him home, we realized that the dog bowls we had gotten him were way too big for him at the time. We fed him out of sour cream and cream cheese containers for the first couple of weeks.


Since we didn’t have a crate for him, we improvised with a box from a wedding gift.

Tim thought it was funny because the box said "crate"

After the first night, it was decided that the puppy’s name would be Gordon. This is the maiden name of Tim’s paternal grandmother, who owned Bostons previously, that had recently passed away. We haven’t been having very good luck with grandparents the past few years :\

Gordon on one of his first walks. We bought this crazy industrial-strength leather leash because Bostons are known to chew. It was heavier than he was.

Gordon has liked car rides from the beginning

Although this is staged. Gordon didn't start sticking his head out the window until a couple of weeks ago.

I had a hell of a time his first few weeks with us getting his picture without him attacking my camera

He was an equal opportunity camera gnawer. He also would attack the flip when playing.


When gordon would have his terrible, immunization-filled vet visits, I'd take him to the office and put his to work.

Having this little guy around was quite an adjustment. He will not stand to be ignored.

Like Poochy, Gordon also hates baths but loves drying off.


Very curious

Tim has a tendency to sneak him into bed, eventhough Gordon is supposed to be sleeping in his crate.

Atlanta now has Pride in October because it was apparently killing all the grass in Piedmont to have it during the summer. I thought the pride parade was a great place to socialize Gordon.

Gordon enjoyed pride for the most part. He got TONS of loves.

However, it was ultimately too much for him and he fell asleep.

From Gordon's first taste of the great outdoors!

Maybe I should have used that caption on this one instead

I can't get over how wee he was!

We walked him for 3 miles, which prompted his first pants. He slept on the way home and when we got back, immediately started running around like a crazy person again. We did not succeed in tiring him out.

However, our first trip down to visit my mom with Gordon taught us what would wear him out: my mom’s Jack Russell puppy.

Gordon and Uncle Russell

Many new sniffs to be had in south Georgia

The road I spent my adolescence living on.

After returning to Atlanta, Gordon slept for days. It was glorious!

Sleepytime Gordon in front of my mother's beast of a tree.

His jowls are the absolute best part of him. <3

My mom and Gordon joined Tim and me in Canada for Christmas. Gordon wasn’t too keen on the snow, but he’s a champ at opening presents!

Gordon's present from Kelly



Did I mention he hates snow?


This may be why he hates the snow:


I managed to talk the vet into neutering Gordon at 5 months instead of 6 because of his incessant humping of toys. It was seriously grossing me out because he would prop the toys up on me and then hump them :(

So right after we got back from Canada, we took him in for the snip. We neglected to account for how large the cone was and how he wouldn’t fit in his crate with it on, so we ran out and bought a baby gate. We ended up not needing it because we managed to get him fixed the friday before Hothlanta and were then at home with him for the entire cone-head week.

I think that this was rock bottom in Gordon's life. Stuck in a cone, having to deal with EVEN MORE snow after he thought he left it all behind in Canada...

But he spent almost the entire time very, very high on pain meds and tranquilizers, so I don't think he minded too much.

Gordon helping me work from home during Hothlanta

He is a master at inDesign

Even as they’ve both gotten older, Gordon and Russell are amazing at wearing each other out.

Pure exhaustion.

The past couple of weeks, I’ve been spending a lot of time at home. Which has led to an insane amount of Gordon cuddles. I dunno what he’s going to do when I’m back in an office most of the week.

Such a spoiled little guy

For extra cuteness, he rarely ever barks. He communicates through a series of grunts and soulful sighs. He also sounds like a little pig when he’s eating, and enjoying burrowing under blankets when cuddling.

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