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Cocktails & Cupcakes

Margarita cupcakes! This has become the unofficial icon for Cocktails & Cupcakes until I get off my lazy ass and design something.

One of my goals for this year was to be more social. I’ve decided to do with with a series of themed monthly recurring parties which will:

  1. get people over to our place
  2. keep me baking and stretch my skills
  3. let tim build some bartending skills (to help better our marriage in times of crisis)
  4. stock our sad, empty bar
  5. teach gordon some manners

We started in February, with a theme of decadence. I made these ridiculous alfajore cupcakes and tim made a variety of cream and creme de cacao based drinks. The winner of the evening happened to be the brandy alexander. Some of our lovely guests brought mimosa cupcakes injected with champagne jelly, which were quite tasty!

March was Irish-themed due to my emo-ness about having missed yet another year of St. Patty’s in Savannah. I have no idea how I’ve lived my entire life in the state of Georgia and haven’t made it down there yet. I made black and tan cupcakes, which were chocolate stout cake with bailey’s icing. One of our guests brought espresso cookies drizzled in bailey’s icing. Tim made a bunch of Bailey’s drinks, as well as some green ones. ….The bailey’s drinks were, on average, much better than the green ones.

We have yet to have too many people turn out, which has been nice. I was concerned that we’d overload our tiny loft. I’m excited for the nice weather we’ve been having, because we can probably move the parties outside pretty soon. I’m itching to do a picnic themed party, especially after seeing this website dedicated to fancy jelly shots (thanks regretsy!).

Having all these parties has definitely made me miss my friends that live too far away to come. Having everyone come up for the wedding was so incredible, and I’d love to have some way to regularly reenact that. The wedding and my grandfather’s death are really what have pushed me into wanting to be more social and get out more. I realized that I work so much that i’m missing out on a lot of what makes life such a joy to live. And that joy comes from being surrounded by people you love, pastry, and copious amounts of alcohol.

There are regular facebook events set up for Cocktails and Cupcakes for anyone who’d like to attend. I also spend a fair amount of time pimping them on twitter. I’m hoping they get bigger as time passes and that we can keep them going every month!

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