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So, my new job…

I may have made reference to this earlier — I certainly have if you read my ramblings on twitter – I quit my job back in March.

Long story very, very briefly: it had finally met and surpassed my bullshit threshold, which pushed me into an incredibly ballsy (given the economic climate) snap decision. I’m generally not one that believes that the universe will provide and everything will work out alright in the end, but I suppose I was so desperate that I channeled my husband’s rather carefree attitude toward uncertainty.

The important thing is that I’ve kept my record of never being unemployed for over a week. It feels really, really good to be snapped up as quickly as I continuously have been. Especially after a few years of miserable people chipping away at my self esteem.

So I went from killing myself to only scrape by at a tiny marketing agency to an incredibly cushy corporate job at a gigantic, international company full of friendly, ethical people, and with incredible benefits. I was concerned about accepting this job at first, because I was practically being apologized to during my interview about the amount of designing I’d have to do in the various office products and having to use a pc, but as it turns out, I haven’t been working in office much. Although, I now know all kinds of tricks for making office documents not look like ass. Sadly, I don’t know any tricks to make them work in a way that fucking makes sense.

My biggest complaints with office: 1. Why can’t you do a proper text wrap in powerpoint? You can do it in word, and they’re made by the same god damned company. 2. Why can’t you rotate a textbox in word without turning it into lame word art? You can do it in powerpoint, and they’re made by the same god damned company. 3. Why can’t you copy smart art from powerpoint into word and have it remain editable (and vice-versa)? Not only are both programs made by the same god damned company, they’re part of the same fucking suite of software. You should be able to cut and paste freely between programs in the same suite of software and have it still be editable, like you can in adobe cs. It only makes sense.

However, those things don’t bother me too much, as I’m actually primarily working in flash (which is something that I’d previously only done while freelancing due to the “boy’s club” at previous jobs shutting me out) and have been trained to shoot and edit video. It’s great to be able to learn and expand my skillset on the job, especially in things seemingly completely unrelated to graphic design.

My hours are 10-7 (amazing, because I hate waking up before 9); I’m close enough that I bike to work now (which is keeping me from being murderously pissed off at the world while sitting in traffic and helping me slim down, double bonus!); I get an obscene amount of vacation time each year; it’s very much discouraged working overtime, but if i do i’m actually paid for it (unlike my last job when I got yelled at for leaving 15 minutes late because i didn’t stay late enough even after working through lunch, and wasn’t paid for the overtime); and i’m finally at a point where I don’t need to freelance anymore to make ends meet, SO happy about being able to say “no” sometimes and finally have some free time (I’m still haunted by my grandfather on his death bed telling me that I work too much, trying very hard to fix that before I regret it).

In short: I am very, very happy that I finally got off my ass and found a new job. It was a HUGE step in the right direction for me, even if I am having to work in windows so now my shortcut finger memory is all confused.

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