alicia (fuzzdecay) wrote,

Much delayed garden follow-up

the greenhouse

Just some shots of my growing garden. maybe in another month I’ll post of pictures that are a month old. ugh. the squash have really taken off since these were taken. and we’ve harvested 4-5 tomatoes! No fruit on the squash yet, since I just realized that I’ll actually have to hand pollinate them, unlike the tomato which self-pollinates.

the basil has annoyingly started to flower so bad i'm cutting it down every 2-3 days or so now.

the leeks and chives are planted way too closely and starting to choke eachother out now. a lesson for next year!

it's hard to believe the squash were ever this small. the leaves are bigger than my hands now. I truly didn't think they'd get to be so massive!

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