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Great Food Truck Race – Atlanta

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Tim digging into a very tasty sandwich

So back during Tim’s birthday weekend (Memorial Day weekend) the Great Food Truck Race came through Atlanta. I was alerted to the fact via the King of Pops’s tweet and made it my mission to hunt down at least one truck. There were three by the time they got here: Roxy’s Grilled Cheese, the Lime Truck, and Hodge Podge.

It was actually pretty difficult to find any of the trucks other than Hodge Podge, because there was some girl from Hodge Podge’s hometown that was flooding the hashtag on twitter and tweeting erroneous locations for the other two trucks. I’m not sure if she was hired by Hodge Podge to do such, but it left a bad taste in my mouth and we did not seek out his truck.

We however did eat at the Lime Truck when it was at Colony Square. Jason complimented my geeky graphic design tattoo, because he happens to also have a tattoo in ridiculously small type. There was a bit of smack talking there of Roxy’s, saying that they started the race serving kraft cheese on white bread and such. Their food was pretty good, I liked the beverage choice there the best. There wasn’t a lot there for me because I don’t eat red meat, and there wasn’t a lot there for Tim because it was “too Californian”.

Our favorite truck was Roxy’s. We actually sought them out twice. We found them the first day in Little Five in the parking lot behind the Star Bar, and then the next day when they were in the Virginia Highlands. I had the goat cheese sandwich with prosciutto de parme (okay, so I do occasionally eat cured red meat) and quince preserves and the peach brulée. Both were delicious, I still have dreams about that sandwich. Tim had the ridiculous cheddar with foie gras and bacon as well.

In VaHi, Roxy's partnered with King of Pops. The pops were great for standing in the heat waiting on sandwiches.

So yeah, the food was awesome (we decided to visit their truck after having learned they picked up supplies at Star Provisions. Quality.) and the guys were super nice. They were obviously struggling a bit the first day, so I hung around and blew up twitter, trying to let people know where they were, since there was so much misinformation. I’m not sure if they made it past Atlanta, but I certainly hope they did!

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