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A wedding in Destin

Over July 4th weekend (July 1st for he Canadians out there), Tim’s cousin, Kevin married his lovely long-time girlfriend, Liz. Fun fact: Tim used the inheritance he received from his grandmother to buy our wedding bands and Kevin used the same inheritance to buy Liz’s engagement ring. I can’t think of much better ways to use inheritance money.

They had a destination wedding in Destin. Tim and I packed up Gordon and spent the weekend down there, enjoying family and the beach.

Kevin and Liz had a waterfront wedding at a local resort. It was quite nice.

The lovely bride and groom

However, mid-way through the ceremony a plane flew overhead carrying a banner. I don’t believe you’ll quite realize the hilarity without hearing the violin in the background.

In case you couldn’t read it:

Close up

I’m not sure if anyone involved in the wedding noticed it, but some of us in the audience got a bit of chuckle. Afterwards there was cocktail hour while the family pictures were being taken.

Favors and decor

Cocktail hour. That's Tim in the front there, getting some hors d'ouerves

Sunset over the water during the reception/cocktail hour

We clean up well

After dinner was served, everyone crowded the dance floor and their photo booth. My husband is a dancing fiend when you get a few drinks in him. Also, speaking of drinks, they also had a photobooth which filled up as the drinking commenced.

The dance floor rapidly became packed

My husband, ladies and gentlemen.

From the photo booth

After the wedding, Liz’s family invited us back to where they were staying for a little afterparty. I don’t have very fond memories of this party because Tim made me the nastiest drink to have ever existed. He mixed together ginger ale, triple sec, and maker’s mark.

I took one for the team and finished it.

It took me the better part of an hour to choke it down, though. Ugh.

The rest of the trip was spent just hanging out.

The pool where we were staying

Uncle Richard (father of the groom) riding bitch in smart car

Gordon tries to get free ice cream. Little did we know, that dogs apparently always get free ice cream at Bruster's

Awaiting his doggie ice cream

He happens to love ice cream.

We decided to take Gordon to the beach and see how he’d do in the ocean. Apparently it’s illegal to have dogs on the beach in Destin. Oops!

Gordon loves the beach

Dig, dig, dig.

He does not love the ocean

After a big day

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