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Grunty stinkday, dear Gordon

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August 10th marked Gordon’s first birthday, he shares a birthday with my dear sister in law. We held a special cocktails and cupcakes in his (/their?) honor.

People had carrot cupcakes, and Gordon had an amazing meat cake. I made two tiny meatloaves of turkey, carrot, and oat in some of our mini cocottes. When the meat pucks cooled, I spread spray cheese between the two layers and frosted the whole thing with mashed potatoes.

meat cake: confection of stinky champions

Preparing for the eatening

An extremely fast video of gordon devouring his cake:

After gordon spent the better part of half an hour destroying the cake, it was time for Dinosaur’s Bane to receive his prehistoric themed presents.

Dinosaur chew toys for a dino-chewing loving dog

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