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Geekery and one year together

This past labor day marked our first year anniversary. We celebrated with a Dragoncon themed cocktails and cupcakes, and I attended my first Heels on Wheels ride around Atlanta.

Photo courtesy of Cameron Adams of Atlanta Street fashion

Heels on Wheels is an event hosted by the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition. On the first Saturday of every month, a group of finely dressed ladies meet in Woodruff park to take a leisurely ride down Peachtree Street and enjoy eachother’s company. I’ve since been to 2 of these rides and am looking forward to going to more in the future.

The September ride was great, because he cruised through DragonCon to people watch. Our Cocktails and Cupcakes that month was held the same weekend because our dear friends Kat and Paul were down from NJ for con.

Kelly also showed up with Gavin, who spent most of the night playing with Tim's Green Lantern rings.

I made various super hero themed cupcakes in honor of the geekery. Spiderman was red velvet, captain america was american themed home made funfetti, and batman was devil's food cake.

After Dragoncon festivities were over, Tim and I headed to the Bahamas to celebrate our anniversary. We stayed on Paradise Island, right next to the Atlantis resort. Here are a ton of pictures in no particular order:

The bahamas!

The seal of the Bahamas, on the door to the patio at our hotel

One of the aquariums at Atlantis

One of the various places to buy conch

The swankier part of Atlantis

Barbed wire on a roof in Nassau

Poseidon, the giantic ray at Atlantis

The beach at the Nassau Hilton

The beach at Atlantis

The shops next to Atlantis

Inside the Mesa Grill

The Versailles Gardens

ugly fish

At the cloister

Lobby of Atlantis

Versailles Garden, with the cloister in the background. This garden and the clod.ster were moved from france and rebuilt on Paradise Islant

View of Nassau from the Cloister

Mesa Grill, where we had an AMAZING meal.

One of the sculptures in Atlantis

The most authentic Bahamian food we had while there, it's in an area called the wharf

racially insenstive knickknacks

More swanky Atlantis

I love this guy holding the conch

A view from the wharf

The cloister

Sunset from the wharf

The gazebo next to the shore at the cloister

Paradise island from the water taxi going toward Nassau

The Hilton in Nassau

slipper lobster!

crazy chiulily lights in the casino

More mesa Grill

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