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Tim, the PhD Candidate

Most of 2011 wasn’t very fun because Tim was finishing up his course work/academic requirements to get his PhD candidacy. Finally, the mid/late September, he passed his candidacy exam. Because I am a loving wife, and somewhat crazy, I treated him to a weekend at this favorite place on earth as long as he’d drive.

So after a half day at work, we left Atlanta to drive down to Disney. We stayed at Port Orleans Riverside, which is right next to the dog boarding facility (which I’m excited to bring Gordon to at some point!). We decided to do Epcot on Saturday and Magic Kingdom on Sunday, because MK had extra magic hours on Sunday night. However, I had to work Monday, so we stayed at MK until 1am and then Tim drove back overnight. I ended up making it back to work with minutes to spare Monday morning, which was completely crazy.

Yay, giant golf ball! The park was absolutely dead, it was quite nice.

See? Completely dead in the morning. It filled in a little as the day wore on, but nothing crazy like I'm used to.

Inside the Land pavilion, getting fast passes for soarin'

Dew on the flowers in the courtyard, before the harsh Florida sun burnt it all off.

The sea! Where I spent no less than 20 minutes watching manatees eat heads of lettuce.

A gorgeous day at the China pavilion

We had dinner at Bistro de Paris, which was amazing. Not going to lie, I did miss the beer cheese soup at LeCellier, though. This was snapper coated in scales of potato on a bed of spinach and pine nuts in a creamy rosemary sauce. heaven!

For dessert, lemon soufflé with raspberry filling and raspberry sorbet

Magic Kingdom was decorated for Halloween, which was exciting for me. Halloween is by far my favorite holiday, and I'd never seen the parks decorated for it.

Cute jackolantern/scarecrow band on Main Street

All along Main Street, there were tons of jack o lanterns, bunting, and autumnal garland. it was super cute.

The castle in front of some foreboding skies

Some covert shots of the Fantasyland expansion. That's Belle's castle in the background there.

More Fantasyland expansion. not sure what this is, though. It's back next to the tea cups and the motor speedway.

We were rained in at the Hall of Presidents for a while, which was really unfortunate, because the attraction broke at the same time. It eventually reopened, and we stuck around for it. It was the first time i'd ever bothered watching it.

Anal violation carousel pony

Real jack o lanterns carved to say "see ya real soon"

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