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2011 was the first year that Tim and I were able to celebrate both American and Canadian Thanksgiving. Since most of the time we go to Canada for family stuff and don’t really have time to just bum around, I took a few extra days off for extra exploring time.

We drove up over 2 days, which is something we rarely ever do. It’s a 14 hour drive to the in-laws’ house, and we generally just drive it straight. We stopped at the Cumberland Inn in Kentucky (which completely overcharged us, it was pretty awful) overnight, and began the day going to the Mountain Life Museum in Levi Jackson State Park.

Crazy old sewing machine which was still fully functional

Weaving in process/ We weren't there when they were doing demonstrations.

Some of the log cabins, which were moved from their original sites log by log and rebuilt

The evacuation sign. "Troff" kills me.

Old tractor

Gordon loves geese, I almost had to ride with a wet dog in my lap up to canada

We then stopped in Dayton to visit the Airforce museum (which is intense and free) and grab dinner with John (who was in my wedding party and has the misfortune of living in ohio).

just an adorable plane. no pictures from dinner with john... we went to a lame mexican place that got my order the opposite of correct.

Over the weekend, we took a day trip to Toronto where we visited Kensington market. This was the first time I'd been to Toronto and actually gotten out of the car to look around. It was pretty nice.

We saw these two sitting in a park, the girl petting a bunny and the guy wearing an honest-to-god labcoat. I think something fishy was going on.

Toronto's cable car system is insane. Also, a VERY pedestrian friendly city. I'm so jealous, Atlanta isn't pedestrian friendly at all.

A month later, my in-laws drove down from Canada to the wilderness of south Georgia to partake in American Thanksgiving. This was awesome because I had two opportunities to eat pumpkin pie, but was kind of not awesome because i ended up having to make 6 pies between both of them.

While down for the holiday, we took the opportunity to show the inlaws the historic parts of Jekyll Island, as it's an hour drive from my family's home.

Nothing says "the old south" quite like spanish moss

My lovely MIL enjoying the view at the Jekyll Island Club

Sunset over the marshes

During thanksgiving weekend, we visited the homestead of my mother's childhood best friend's family. Rusted out old shacks are a common site where i'm from.

The homestead. Someone lived here up into the 2000s, which is insane for me to think about. It barely had indoor plumbing!

One of the highlights of the farm day at the homestead was that they made cane syrup from freshly harvested sugar cane. They also made lye soap (which will apparently eat off your skin until it cures for multiple weeks). We brought a bottle of the fresh syrup home, which i'm excited about.

Pecan trees and a perfect sky

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