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2012 thus far

I’m still working on catching up a few back posts, but It’s time to move into the present. I’ve vowed to keep up with this better in the future. It feels like there’s something missing when i get too busy to spend time on this little self indulgence.

2012 started out with some awkwardness and a broken bone. My cousin decided that he was going to be a bad ass and jump over a dry pond’s bank on his four wheeler and flew off, the four wheeler rolling twice. The four wheeler is pretty jacked, and he’s in a sling for a while. Worst way to start a year, definitely.

While visiting my family, I went through a large box of crap I packed up to go down there when moving from my apt to the loft. I found a ton of old pictures and such. Luckily, I used an award I received at work to purchase a little portable scanner. I got the scanner mainly to help with family history stuff, but I suppose I can spare it to scan embarrassing high school pictures to tag on facebook.

It was a pretty lax week at work, since not everyone is back from vacation yet. I definitely prefer having stuff to do to having to train endlessly. Training is altogether more wearisome than having a full schedule (unless your full schedule is full of crazy people).

My new swank gym, shamelessly lifted from their website.

At one of the holiday parties at work, I won a 30 day membership to an incredibly swank gym that’s in our building. Given that I work odd hours, I can’t take advantage of their morning or night classes. However, I have been taking group fitness classes during lunch and hitting it for a bit after work as well. This week it was:

Monday: Nothing, mostly sitting in a car on our way back to Atlanta.

Tuesday: Lunch: Power sculpt n’ core. AWFUL class. My upper body and core are shit, and that’s all this worked. My abs are still sore.
After work: 5 mins each on: Elliptical, upright bike, recumbent bike, AMT (which is a combo stair stepper/elliptical. you set your own stride and it’s extremely customizable), This machine that’s like a no impact stair stepper. 10 mins in the sauna. Did I mention that his place has both a sauna and a steam room? heaven!

Wednesday: Lunch: Kickboxing, which was probably my favorite class. Killed my shoulders, but was a lot of fun.
After work: 10 mins AMT and upright bike, 5 mins impact-less stair stepper. 10 mins steam room. I’m torn as to whether I prefer the sauna or the steam room. The steam room is a bit scary, i have this ridiculous fear that I’m going to drown.

Thursday: Biked to work.
Lunch: Spinning. I much prefer biking, but not terrible.
After work: 10 mins rowing, 10 mins AMT. 5 mins each sauna and steam room. biked home.

Friday: Biked to work.
Lunch: Endurance Sculpt. I was apprehensive given my experience with the first class, but this wasn’t bad at all. I did spend part of the time doing elevated pushups on a bench overlooking the lobby full of people eating at the awesome restaurant, which made me feel like an idiot.
After work: 10 mins on the AMT, both sauna and steam. biked home.

Saturday: Rest. And by rest, I mean ride various bicycles for about half an hour on my quest to buy a new one. I actually did buy one at the end of it all, a silver bianchi turismo. I bought it from Outback bikes down in L5P. It was the first one I tried and after having test ridden a few I came back to it. The salesperson nailed it when he suggested it to me. I was going to attend heels on wheels, but my hair appointment ran over super late :(

Sunday: I was planning on biking to my girl scout meeting, but it seems to be raining :\ It’s not raining much, but I don’t know if i want to take my new bike out in the rain yet, since i’m not used to riding it. The meeting place is a bit too far to ride my commuting cruiser.

My new bike, except mine is silver. Also lifted from the website. I'm lazy about taking pictures.

In non-fitness related news: I’ve been working pretty hard on my sketchbook for the sketchbook project 2012. I picked prehistoric as my theme and am starting at the singularity and big bang, going forward through the death of the dinosaurs. I’m doing the entire thing in woodless colored pencils, which isn’t something i’ve worked much with, but they’ve been fun thus far. Somewhere between a colored pencil and an oil pastel.

sketchbook and colored pencils

I’ve not very far, I just finished the big bang. I have 13 more spreads that I have to finish and postmark by Jan 31st. It’s going to be hectic.

Yesterday morning, Tim left to go to his second conference. He’s in Texas for a week at an origins of life conference. He’s presenting his research. At his last conference he had a poster and a talk, but i’m wanting to say this one is just a poster, but he’s excited to meet some of the people who are there. One of the people in particular is the arsenic backbone girl, who he’s excited to see flounder.

It’s lonely here without Tim. It’s just me and Gordon hanging out, him curled up by me while I read Lord of the Rings for the ninth time. I’m at Fangorn forest right now. The reason I was digging through that box back home was the find my beaten up copy of Lotr, finding the pictures was just a happy coincidence. Something about watching the extended editions back to back (which is a holiday tradition around these parts) made me want to reread the book this year.

Having the time alone is nice sometimes, but I’m already tired of it and still have 5 days to go.

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