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Of Mordor and missing husbands.

It’s finally starting to pick up more at work, which is great because sitting around with nothing to do up there is torture. I’ve gotten a couple of long term projects that are moving slowly, but filling up my days. Can’t complain. The only thing I have to complain about is the fact that we’re moving back to our old floor. Last Easter, our floor caught on fire and we were moved for the cleanup and rebuild of our old floor. We’re moving back down to it starting Tuesday, which isn’t something I’m looking forward to because it’s still fume-y and I’m concerned it’ll trigger migraines. So times where I have no work, I’ve been packing up my cube.

That means that I’m starting to fall behind on my sketchbook, though. I got some work done while on a call, but I’m still at the formation of the moon. Have a LONG way to go and the month is already half over!

I didn’t do great at the gym last week, because Thursday I worked from home.

Monday: bike to work. Lunch: High Intensity Training (not so bad. Lots of jogging). After work: 15 mins on machines. Sauna.
Tuesday: Lunch: Pilates (do not like). After work: 25 mins on machines. Steam room.
Wednesday: Bike to work. Lunch: Zumba (very much enjoyed, although I don’t have much rhythm). After work: 15 mins on machines. Sauna.
Thursday: biked to my bank in downtown (on my new bike!) and back.
Friday: Biked to work. Lunch: Kickboxing (different teacher, didn’t like it as much. Almost punched him in the head, oops!) After work: 1 mile on the AMT machine (12 mins). Steam and Sauna.

If you noticed, I switched on Friday from minutes to miles. That’s because I’ve decided to make a map of middle earth and walk my way to Mordor. I consulted the Atlas of Middle Earth, so the path is as accurate as I can possibly make it. 1779 miles from Bag End to the Crack of Doom. I am still somewhere between Bag End and where the hobbits stopped on the first night. They walked 18 miles the first evening!

Speaking of Lotr geekiness, I’m at Minas Tirith with Pippin and Gandalf now in the book. I also decided that since Tim was away, I’d watch some more of the commentary. The design commentary isn’t as good as the filmmakers’ commentary.

Thursday, I was working from home, so I had a great opportunity to do laundry and make the place less of a disaster for when Tim returned. Also, I attended my first Girl Scout service unit meeting. They’re at 7, so I believe I’ll continue to work from home the second Thursday of the month to be able to make those. It was held at this crazy huge church that had an elevator. Most of the talk was of cookie sales, which my troop has been doing pretty well at. I’m excited to hopefully be able to do some trips with them after the sales.

Tim returned to Atlanta Friday evening. I talked him into biking down to my office and eating at Alma Cocina with me. I’d been trying to get him down there for a while, and i finally won out. He was also impressed with the food. We’ve talked one of his lab friends, who is a big foodie into having lunch there with us. Win!

The weekend was spent driving to Athens on Saturday morning to pick up a letterpress. I’m so ridiculously excited about it! It’s a 5×8 Kelsey Exelcisor Model U in perfect working order and it came with all the furniture needed other than quoins. We even got some ink and type with leading and letterspacing bars. I’m trying to source quoins and type wash to be able to try it out. I have a feeling I’ll be blowing up etsy soon.

Saturday night was MLK themed cocktails and cupcakes. Tim made peach and tea themed drinks, and I made pecan pie cupcakes (since pecan pie was MLK’s favorite food). Since Tim essentially just made a shitload of long island iced teas, the level of drunkenness got way out of hand pretty early on.

Luckily, that was after the founding director of the non-profit I work for left. While she was here, we talked some shop and I believe we’re going to take on a design intern! I’ve been working with this foundation for 4 years now, and it’s been incredible to watch them grow.

Sunday and today seem to be lazy days. We’re cleaning a little, running small errands and just sitting around catching up on shows and such. I managed to talk Tim out of going in today since I have it off. It’s been nice having him around again. :)

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