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a lot of fucking shit has happened. on 5.16.1 cannon died in a wreck.…

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a lot of fucking shit has happened. on 5.16.1 cannon died in a wreck. he hit a trash truck and died instantly. he was in my homeroom for years. i miss him. he was a great guy. his girlfriend died today in savannah at 12:30 when they took her off life support. the last day of school was so weird. we had been so used to making fun of cannon for being a hick and having a goatee that looked like nut hair, it was strange that he was gone. he'll never get to be a senior. this has really tarnished the good mood i was in for making 2 perfect scores on my graduation test and three of the highest scores in my grade, which made the powers that be bump me back up into ap classes. i passed my french 2 final with a 117. it brought my grade up 18.4 points. i have like 100 in there now. i dunno about my trig final though. i really hope i made the 30 i had to make on that. i'm getting senior pictures made aug 7th. it's so fucked up that i'm a senior now. it doesn't feel like this is my last year in this glorified shit pile which is south georgia. i'm happy for it to be though. i'm only going to miss like 3 people. $20 goes out to the person who can guess all 3. i'm a depressed alicia. "i feel naked and devoured"
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