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I’m ready for you, Peter Jackson

Partially in preparation for The Hobbit and partially to fuel my insane idea of walking/biking/running to Mordor, I’ve been devouring Tolkien in my scant free time. Since the beginning of the year I have read Lord of the Rings (again), the Silmarillion, and am currently about halfway through the Hobbit.

This is my second time reading the Hobbit, and it’s truly only because I’ve run out of any other Tolkien to read and I’ve been too lazy to go to the library. I really don’t like the Hobbit. I’ve always chalked it up to it being written for a much lower grade level than Lotr. In re-reading it, I’ve determined that the main reason I dislike the book is because of the condescending and patronizing narrator. I feel like i’m being talked at, and there are various asides that really take me out of the story. I just don’t find it as engaging as his other work.

That’s not the say I’m not stoked about the movie. Peter Jackson has been doing a fucking excellent job at bringing middle earth to life, and I’m sure the adaptation he does will be excellent and I’ll likely end up enjoying it more than the book. Also, I love Ian McKellan as Gandalf. He reminds me of my grandfather (no physical resemblance at all), and that’s a huge selling point for me.

I’m stoked to be working from home on Thursday, so I can make my way through some more of the commentary. I’m around halfway through the production part and then onto the cast. Since I’ve been doing some video editing, I find the production commentary even more interesting than I would otherwise.

Since I have my map of middle earth up at work and it wouldn’t be very effective as a means of keeping up where I am online, I made a little ticker.

Next milestone: Crickhollow (@ 73 miles)

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