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pancakes! (never ask me to name anything)

One of the things that we desperately wanted when we got married but never received was money/parts to build a media center. Instead we ended up getting a lot of amazing, and much needed, kitchen equipment and a few crystal chip dishes. Most of the money we received went towards buying and setting up Gordon, helping on the honeymoon, and various other domestic needs. We also ended up borrowing against it and just never getting around to building the media center pc of our dreams.

We finally got around to paying back everything that we had borrowed out of the wedding account and using some of that money to buying parts to build our media center around valentine’s day. Back in January, I also used some of the money, earmarked by a dear friend to use for going out and doing something fun, to purchase tickets to the Zelda Symphony Orchestra performance in May.

Back to computery goodness. I needed this media center for file backup and storage, since my sole computer is a laptop without unlimited storage capacity. The other thought was to have a way to play downloaded video on the tv without the ghetto “tim’s laptop on the floor in front of the tv” solution we previously had. This pretty much always led to Gordon running across the keyboard and restarting videos, which made Tim yell at Gordon. It was just bad news.

Box of Goodies!

Motherboard through the vent

First boot!

Specs (for those interested):
Intel Core i5-2400 Processor (3.1 GHz x 4 cores)
8 GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600 RAM (2×4 GB)
ASUS P8Z68-M Pro Motherboard
Crucial M4 64 GB SATA III Solid State Drive
Western Digital Caviar Green 2 TB SATA 6.0 Gb/s Hard Drive
750 W OCZ modular power supply, LG Blu-Ray Burner
nVIDIA GeForce 250 GTS graphics card
Logitech MK320 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
Lian Li Black Aluminum PC-C33B Media Center case (The only thing I had input on :P)

Tim asked me to name the computer, it’s now named pancakes. I also decided that the user account should be Gordon because both Tim and I already have our own computers.

One of the unforseen upsides to this new media center, is that I can download music again! I haven’t been downloading since I last my last job and its unlimited connection to bit torrent. I’m just not home enough to download music on my laptop. But now I can set it up to download and just move it over. I’m currently working through all of the Blalock’s Indie Rock Playlists since November 2010.

Bag End: 1/13/12
Crickhollow: 2/17/12
Tom Bombadil 2/22/12
Prancing Pony 2/26/12

Next milestone: Weathertop (@ 240 miles)

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