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Ugh, all I think about lately is health.

i’m in slightly better spirits than I was last time I updated. I have approximately a week until I visit my doctor again, and hopefully i’ll be able to start adding food back into my diet.

In a couple of days, i have an orthodontist appointment. he should (finally) give me some sort of date for when my surgery can happen. By that, I mean, he should release my treatment to the surgeon. I’m still waiting to hear back from my insurance company regarding whether they’ll cover it or not. I want these brackets off my teeth SO FUCKING BAD. Come on, ortho, please release me.

Not that the braces come off until 6ish months after surgery. I’m hoping against hope that i have them off by the end of the year. I’m really tired of my year in a chrysalis.

I have yet to build back up to where i was in regards to exercise. I’m getting better, though. Last month I did a 37 mile charity bike ride with my husband. It sounded like a much better idea before i caught bronchitis the week before the ride. I was doing alright until my lungs started giving out 35ish miles in.

geared up for a long ride

I still haven’t really started going back to group classes at the gym. I did my first group class last friday. I had to go in early on friday because we had our end of fiscal year party, which meant we all left at 2 to go bowl for a couple of hours. since i got in at 8am instead of 10am, i felt alright about going to zumba. I always want to do zumba, but it’s at 11:15, and i’d feel like a shitheel working for an hour and then taking lunch.

Even though I haven’t been taking classes like I used to, I’ve still been going to the gym 2-3 days a week during lunch and almost every day after work. The days i don’t go to the gym during lunch, i walk about 2 miles with the girls. I have noticed that if I bike to work, i can’t also do 2 hardcore workouts at the gym that day. Hitting physical limits like that sooner than I used to still bums me out, but i’m doing a little better at taking it in stride.

I bit the bullet and hired a personal trainer. I’m doing one 30 minute session with him per week for the next little while. He says that I’m stronger than I think that I am, and that my muscle balance is more even than most women he has trained. (yay for working my arms so heavily?) but my balance and core strength is pretty shit, and my knee issues are going to make training difficult. One of the things we’re going to focus on is balancing the muscles in my legs to hopefully help the popping/random knee pain issue.

I’ve still been going to ballet most saturdays. i think i’m getting marginally better. my barre work isn’t as sad as it once was. My center work is still pretty awful. I did manage to finally do a full pirouette and land it properly yesterday, which is a much bigger deal to me than it sounds like. Last weekend I had some drama with the substitute teacher where she basically told me that I sucked and should drop down to a slower class. However, my regular teacher was back this week and apparently i’m doing well enough to bother correcting my mistakes, so suck it other teacher.

I recently found a few good paleo recipe blogs, which have recipes pretty close to what I can eat (i usually just have to take out sweetener). One of my current favorites is paleomg , where i got a nice recipe for blueberry muffins. almond and coconut flour is keeping me sane right now. I missed quick breads so much.

mostly just eggs, almonds, and blueberries.

I need to update my mordor tracker and tack it on down here. I’m awful about that thing. I’m definitely past rivendell, now! oh, and since lego has started making lotro sets, i’ve decided that whenever I pass a place where a set is, i will buy it and make it. Next set, moria!

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