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Visiting places

Well i don’t seem to have done anything on here except whine about not being able to eat for a while. Here’s a change of pace.

Tim and I have a tendency to travel a lot. This year seems to be a relatively slow one since I’ve been trying to save up my PTO for looming surgery. Here are some pictures of trips we’ve been on starting in April.

Part of the KAWS exhibit at the High

Some of the new contemporary art at the High, these both were from a trip to see the from picasso to warhol exhibit

Camping with my girlscout troop

Skipping rocks

Archery, which was sort of terrifying for me to witness.

Rapids in the valley near the camp

Hiking back from the valley

Ending the day with some canoeing

Not a trip, but Gordon enjoying some Easter candy

The next weekend after camp, we went up to Canada for a wedding. Beforehand, we stopped at Dairy Delite in Tim's home town all dressed up.

The wedding venue in Toronto

Gordon looking majestic at Port Dover

Riding around Brantford with my SIL and Gordon, who is very enamoured with her.

After our trip to Canada, we rode back to Atlanta with the inlaws, who were coming to spend a week in Atlanta.

Gordon giving my FIL inappropriate kisses

At the Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill

Cute old seed boxes

Gordon making friends with the goats

Tim forcing Gordon to be friends with the mules, Gordon did not like at all.

Gordon interested by fluffy bulls

Gordon sitting on the main road through the village

Tim enjoying comic books in the startlingly white room we stayed in.

Goodbye to the shaker village

We went to the Aquarium with the inlaws while they were down.

Happy albino alligator at the aquarium. We also had the displeasure of watching the dolphin show while we were there. HUGE mistake.

Mid-May brought the Zelda symphony, which was fucking incredible.

The view from our seats, right behind the sound tech.

Tim, ever-dapper, wore a jacket, jeans, and a mario shirt

Some cos players after the event. Majora's Mask, Epona, and Midna.

Skyward Sword cosplayers

Early June brought IMPACT day at work. Each year, everyone in the company spends a day doing community service work. I went to Oakland cemetery to do work on their grave database.

This is Jack, the dog of one of the gardening volunteers. He was so much bigger than Gordon is!

View from my computer of the cemetery and my office in the background

And last Friday was our fiscal year end outing at work. We all went bowling together.

Socializing before the bowling started

That pretty much catches everyone up to this weekend, which was a nice, lazy one.

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