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Paleo really isn’t that bad

Since the last time i posted, i got the okay from my dr to drop the ridiculously restrictive part of my diet where i couldn’t eat ANY starch or high glycemic fruits. I’m now on a straight paleo diet (including some natural sweeteners, i.e. honey, agave nectar, maple syrup) with a “cheat day” every 10-14 days that I have been using to add in foods. So right now, i’m eating paleo with occasional goat cheese, because i seem to be able to handle goat cheese.

However, i 100% canNOT handle corn. I ate some gluten free bread that had corn starch in it and my throat got tight. However, it also had rice flour in it, so I wasn’t sure what caused my throat reaction. A little while later, i ate a piece of scallop that had been sitting on top of corn and had corn juice on it and the same thing, my throat started closing up.

That sort of put me off working in new foods for a while. My dr said that i may very well only be allergic to GMO corn, and that i should try some heirloom organic corn if i feel up to it, but i don’t know if i want to chance my fucking throat closing up.

I recently tried ice cream, and i now believe that my 4 month break from dairy has rendered me lactose intolerant. i didn’t have a real allergic reaction other than my nose running a bit (which happened with the goat cheese and eventually stopped), but the stomach badness… ugh. Also, I still get pretty bad headaches when i eat refined sugar. i’m not sure if i’m ever going to be able to handle it.

I’ve gotten pretty used to the diet. It’s better now that i have coconut ice cream and can bake again. it’s sort of making tim’s life hell, which is an issue. but i feel like if it didn’t bother tim so much that i could probably keep this up long term.

i’ve lost around 40 lbs in 4 months. according to my personal trainer, i lost around 1% body fat, but he thinks that’s a bit inaccurate based on my results. I hit my goal weight back in August, but not my goal size. my weight loss has slowed down significantly since june, but i’m trying to not focus on my weight as much anymore since i’m within healthy BMI now.

my wedding ring is much too big now

I started training with the couch 2 5k program. My trainer cleared me for running since he worked some magic on my knee and it no longer hurts. It does still pop occasionally, so i’m having to take c25k pretty slowly to not damage it. i’m up to week 4 day 2, halfway through the program. I’m run/walking a little over 2 miles  at a 13 minute mile currently. i seem to default to running a 10-11 minute mile. i’m hoping to train to run a half marathon next year. we’ll see how that goes.

my other fitness goal is to be able to do a pullup. i have a LONG way to go there. i tried to do one and just… no. wasn’t happening.


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