alicia (fuzzdecay) wrote,

apartment hunting

shawn and i are about to go. yay! i updated my cam just in time to not get kicked off camwhores. it really sucks not having a net connection at home. i don't have my ftp info memorized so i'm pretty much fucked on anyone else's puter. not to mention the school's puters don't have webcams. maybe i could go scan my face in the mac lab. but since i'm at shawn's (temporary) house, i just borrowed his ftp. i remember when i would update 20 times a night and now i can't find the time to update once in 20 days. i miss having a webpage and an online "life". i miss having paid access to livejournal too. you could do really cool stuff with paid access. anyone wanna get me a xmas present?

i'm thinking i might break down and buy finally. depends on how much money i have after getting an apartment. and how much time i have to make a webpage. or at least some semblance of.

amazing how many people from aia have ljs. and how many of those people i have never seen. i'm pretty sure they've seen me, seeing as i'm the only person at that school with a black fuzzy kitty hat.

mentioning aia makes me want to bitch. but i don't want to bitch. so (fuck the housing department) i don't think i'm going to.

shawn's in the shower :D

i feel like i've been taking bad care of jay (my betta) his water's all cloudy and he just doesn't look as happy. but i brought him here with his food so he wouldn't starve, so i don't have his net or his bowl cleaning supplies.


sorry, got back to thinking about shawn in the shower. :)

it's nice not to have indecision. like, i know who i'll be waking up next to everyday. i know he won't leave me for being stupid, which i am often. he appreciates everything about me that everyone else hated. he likes to cuddle when we're asleep. and he's cute and funny. i think i found a really great guy. finally. *happy dance*

we were gonna go to the beach for xmas, but i dunno what we're gonna do now. i'm either gonna get squishy sand between my toes, or frostbite on my nose.

this cold weather is really something fucking else. like.... it's already been colder than the coldest it gets in south georgia and it's only december. in south georgia we had three seasons: wet season, dry season (which was still pretty wet), and mosquito season. there were about 3 cold days when it got down to about 40. i've went from fucking subtropics to a place that has all four seasons. it requires a lot of adjustment.

especially moving in the god damn cold. that's gonna suck, again. i got sick after i helped shawn move in the cold. i imagine it's a lot worse for him because he'll have moved twice in a month. i at least got 3 months. i had begun to feel settled.

i wonder when all this will be over and atl will start to feel like home. i don't miss douglas/alma at all, but i miss the friends i had and the security and the lack of need for warm blankets. i don't think my life will ever be like that again. i'm not sure if i want it to be. i don't know if maybe this way is a better way to go. overall i'm pretty happy now, which is a strange, strange thing to me.

i dunno, maybe atl is sneaking up on me and one day i'll look back and not remember when it began to feel like home.

i'm not all stressed out anymore. yay!
Tags: art school, becoming an adult, being homeless, bitching about the weather, boyfriends past and present, friends, geekery, happy, pets, wistful musings about the past

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