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freshman festival was today. i never thought i'd say this but adam's little brother is sexy. has a good taste in clothing too. there's something to be said about a guy who can pull off a red velvet shirt and not look like a fag. it's bad that i'm beginning to think 8th graders are sexy. i won't pursue this for any number of reasons but eye candy is always appreciated. i've claimed him so he will become me property next year like josh is now, he just doesn't know it yet. i'm pissed off at cab. there are things he must learn and must learn quickly about me. guy are so dense sometimes it's amazing. that was pretty much the high and low points of my day so far. now i await my john and shade this chick's boob. lates.
Tags: boyfriends past and present, friends, highschool, inconsiderate fucktards

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