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Such · a · pretty · girl · Happy · in · an · ugly · place

i read back. a day late because i've been avoiding the net as much as…

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i read back. a day late because i've been avoiding the net as much as i can. it seems empty and cold now. the more things change the more they stay the same. i'm happier but i'm in pain still but for an entirely different reason. my feelings on sheep have stayed constant, as has my ideology. i do have to admit that the conflict with laura time was some interesting reading. i had almost forgotten about the green hungry hungry hippo dress. so many times i updated just to please timmy. i suppose that timmy is the main reason that this hasn't completely withered away. life is much much much better than it was a year ago. i'm more settled and at peace with my decisions and my being. i'm confident i suppose now. and a hell of a lot more optimistic. i'm sexier too. the hair length change really helped out. i still run a deep bath and assume the fetal position underwater when i'm troubled. i've kept a lot of my quirks. i'm a bit more holey than i was last year at this time. i'm more loved by the general population though i still only have two people i even remotely trust. i have a direction in life now like i never had before. i still despise the label of goth though i still am called one on a regular basis. i'm back in touch with my thoughtful and emotional side. intellect isn't everything. it's just something to hold over the heads of the ignorant and to savor when time allows. sorry cab for not being punctual. lates.
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