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Such · a · pretty · girl · Happy · in · an · ugly · place

dairy queen has the best ice cream on earth. i'm bored off my ass.…

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dairy queen has the best ice cream on earth. i'm bored off my ass. just got back from the thriving metropolis (full sarcasm intended). i've sat in front of my puter all weekend working on my art. i have to have 3 new pieces by the 10th for governor's honors and i know i'm not going to be able to do it. well i could but then i wouldn't get quality artwork and that kinda defeats the purpose now doesn't it? i'm seriously gonna start working on posting my art after the 10th. i have most of it scanned but i gotta post and think of a way to arrange it. it's harder than it sounds and muchly time consuming. time's something i don't have a lot of lately. damn art for taking my life away. may it be raped by the almighty invisible cock of god and stuff. oh wait a minute, art is my life. scratch that. all my friends have been away this weekend. i've felt abandoned. i miss my peoples. even talking to my worshippers would be nice. i hate being alone as much as i have been lately. charcoal just can't keep me entertained like my john and cab can. apc's playing in atlanta next month and i want to go see them. don't have a ride though and i don't know atl at all so i'm pretty sure that's going to fall through. it's getting closer and closer to vd all the time. i can't wait to review the past year of my life. even though it's rather incomplete because there's just some things that everyone i know doesn't need to know and i'm not very regular abotu updating i still think it'll be cool to do. i can see how i've grown and the like. gonna fill out forms for financial aid now since i'm bored. lates.
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