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i almost died today, literally. i'm battling a week and a half long illness. feeling like shit. due to a strange coincidence i found out my john and i think a lot more similar than i previously supposed. i'm thinking about removing kyle from my favorite website since he never updates and has the type of webpage which requires regular updates. i find that lately i have no end to the guys which are submissive for absolutely no reason around me to the point of ludicrousness. they're a nice ego boost and they're amusing but i'm not sure if i want to be surrounded by guys that dote over me and worship me when they have no reason. submissives are great but i'd rather have equals which are slightly submissive of which i have few. i don't like other dominant people. i dunno though. it's kinda cool being a local goddess. it's funny the timing of it though. you know minor concussions cause the most fucked up dreams. i'm not looking forward to a night of those. maybe i'll luck out and get some nice porn dreams to balance whatever the fuck kind of dreams i had today. i only updated today because people had been commenting on my lack of updates. it's cute that i have fans. i never expected to get them because i had no idea that people gave a shit about my random thoughts but it's cool that i'm appreciated. i'm off to fashion a human out of pixi stix now. lates.
Tags: boyfriends past and present, family, geekery, plague

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