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another day, another futile fight with my damned isp and icq. it…

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another day, another futile fight with my damned isp and icq. it seems most things in life that cause me problems start with i or m or l or k or j. maybe i should just stay away from that part of the alphabet. I dunno... some good things have spawned from those letters as well. you knew i'd have to post on the first day of a new year, oh yes. i don't feel a damned bit different from the end of 2000. there's a profound difference between the beginning of 2000 and now though. i'm kinda looking forward to what this new year's going to throw at me. it could be anything, it could be nothing. it's like every door that was shut in december is magically open again and i can enjoy feeling young. then my life will hit its usual ditch and be once again mundane. i swear i'm like the only person i know that didn't get drunk last night. i'm living in the sad world of sobriety. gotta love that. soon i must join the slaving hordes of hormone driven teenagers again and go back to school for a few more months. damn i can't wait until may. after may there'll only be one more year of this shit and then off to art school where i can meet similarly fucked up people. you know, no one's happy after last night.. maybe i did good by staying home. well i'm out to get something to eat since i woke up at 6pm because i was hungry. lates.
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